REVEAL® Mattress Recommendation System

REVEAL® by XSENSOR is an innovative and engaging customer experience that retailers use to help mattress shoppers select the best bed, ensuring the highest levels of sleep comfort.

Sleeping on a mattress that does not provide proper support and comfort can reduce sleep quality. Finding the right one is hard for consumers today. Mattress retailers need tools to measure individual pressure points and give consumers the confidence that they have found the right mattress for their unique bodies.

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Improve your store's performance with increased sales and reduced returns. Flexible kiosk experiences enable you to pick the suitable configuration for your retail outlet. Custom-brand the software and kiosks to match your company branding.

REVEAL Sales Reporting enables you to produce monthly, weekly, or annual sales reports, which allow you to see what's working and what isn't.


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A customer lying on XSENSOR's mattress pressure sensor pad.

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Enable mattress shoppers to SEE what they FEEL. Capture customer profiles, review imaging, and reveal results in under 5 minutes.

Custom branding: REVEAL display screens can be customized with your brand. This will create a unique customer experience that will become the core of your business and sales process.


Tailored In-Store Shopping & Digital Marketing Experience

Elevate your mattress revenue with REVEAL Solutions.

In the competitive world of mattress retailing, offering a unique and personalized shopping journey can set your store apart. REVEAL Solutions transforms your store into a destination.

The complete mattress-selling turnkey solution offers an unparalleled in-store experience. It complements it with a tailor-made digital advertising and marketing program.

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Experience the REVEAL 360° virtual showroom.

Navigate through the REVEAL showroom at the Las Vegas Market with the click of your mouse or tap of your finger. See how our easy-to-use and elegant options can increase customer confidence and ROI.

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ROI in One Weekend: How a Mattress Recommendation System Worked Like a Dream & Paid for Itself on Store’s Opening Weekend

When the first Snooze Mattress Co. opened in Pueblo, CO, USA, mattress veteran Matt Smith wanted to create a unique and personalized shopping journey to help his customers find the best mattress for them. He sought technology to help and discovered the REVEAL Mattress Recommendation system by XSENSOR Technology.

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